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A snap-shot of some of Liz's commercial work.

Lipton – Walkabout Inspirational Film

I was approached to write the score and sound design for this beautiful short film which formed part of a promotional campaign for Lipton.

The concept behind the campaign was to inspire – I definitely felt inspired when I watched the film for the first time! It was requested for the score to be emotive, but not overly exaggerated or Hollywood-style epic. This film required something more subtle – something more suggestive. Strings and piano were the obvious choices for instrumentation – and the score was written to follow the journey of the main character and his story of adventure, realisation – and connection.

The sound design for this needed to be realistic, so I set about placing the correct sounds effects where needed, sprinkling them with reverb, a little stereo widening – and a few other magic tricks to help them add a depth and atmosphere to the beautiful, provoking story.

Bose – Music is My Sancturary

This film was part of a competition for Bose. I was asked to write a minimalistic, yet beautiful and dreamy soundscape to accompany the visual. The sound work also included the sound design, which needed to hint at reality but in a transcendent, almost dreamlike way.

It was agreed very early on that the piano should be the main instrument for the music, so keeping the arrangement sparse, I composed a piece to help punctuate both the narrative and the visual, creating sound design to meld the music, the visual and the narrative into one, beautiful and emotive flow. The film came 4th in a competition attracting thousands of entries.

Art Market Review Title Sequence

This was a commission to score the title sequence for the pilot of a cutting edge art documentary series. I was requested to write a piece of music that was sophisticated – yet still contemporary.

For me, the piano has always carries a beautiful air of sophistication. When coupled with subtle electronic sounds and crisp, light percussion, the sophisticated meets the cutting edge. And so the instrumentation was decided.

The movement of the lines immediately grabbed my attention, so I worked at following their dance with the flow of the music. As the form of the title began taking shape, so the music needed to support this – enter the lush strings and percussive climax…

Loverdose Inspiration Film

A pitch for Diesel’s brand new scent, the music for this video needed to be sexy, trendy – and a little bit dark and mysterious. Telling the tale of the characters involved – and the story that unfolds during the sequence, I kept the music minimal but provoking.

Working with a guitarist, we built the motif for the main character, keeping things mysterious and sexy – with a hint of ‘rock chic glamour’. Fusing the organic elements of the guitar with warm synths and punchy percussion, the undulating, brooding soundtrack came to life…

Fable 2 X-Box Trailer

This trailer that journeys you into a mysterious, magical world needed a soundtrack that was epic and orchestral. Great care was taken to ensure the soundtrack reflected key moments and emotions within the trailer. Sprinklings of subtle sound effects breathe life into the magical land – and the music gently unfolds and builds.

The main theme of the piece is heard once the title of the game is displayed and the piece develops and changes to reflect the nature of the characters on the screen, modulating as the villain appears, then jubilantly resolving when the heroes slay the demon. Hurrah for the hero!